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In this assignment, you will conduct online research into the topic of behaviora

by | Apr 28, 2022 | English | 0 comments


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In this assignment, you will conduct online
research into the topic of behavioral and
cognitive approaches which may be helpful in
changing a behavior. Some behaviors that
could be beneficial in changing are
procrastinating, eating unhealthy food, or
watching too much TV. You will look at how a
behavior therapist or a cognitive therapist
would offer recommendations they would
make during a therapy session.
Distinguish the different types
of psychotherapy, including effectiveness and the numerous approaches to psychotherapy devised by psychologists
In your research, determine some of the
techniques that would be used as a
behavioral therapist or a cognitive therapist
and include those techniques with your
1. 1 to 2 pages (500-625 words)
2. Uniformly double-spaced throughout
3. Times New Roman, 12 font style
4. Works-cited page with at least (3)
5. APA style formatting.


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