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In your sixth week of internship, the manager has tasked you to read about Purch

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In your sixth week of internship, the manager has tasked you to read about Purchasing Law, Ethics, and Performance Evaluation. Present your findings on the following: 1. Compare and contrast the different types of performance benchmarking. 2. Your manager has tasked you with developing a benchmarking program. The manager wants you present in detail on how to go about the process and what are the challenges that can come along the way to develop the program. 3. Briefly explain Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Commercial Law, and Contract Law. 4. Your manager has asked your advice on a situation related to purchasing ethics. The manager has been tasked to procure a component and the chief procurement officer (CPO) has asked the manager to procure from CPO’s brother-in-law. Your manager feels that if he does that it can get him/her into trouble but does not know how to handle it. How would you advise him to handle this situation? In a 2-3 page report, submit your results. Use what you learned from this week’s readings and perform additional research, as needed to address all of the topics in your report.


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