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Instructions The Startup Analysis Canvas Project As the final project for the co

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Computer science : Cybersecurity | 0 comments


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The Startup Analysis Canvas Project
As the final project for the course, you will integrate and enhance your ideas and notes from throughout the course to develop a comprehensive, research-based analysis for your new startup company. You are encouraged to integrate and enhance your work from the weekly activities for the this project. Do not misinterpret full credit on the weekly activity, which is awarded based on demonstrating a general understanding of the concept, with a high-quality response for the term project, which requires a comprehensive, research-based response. Instead, think of the weekly activities as a first draft for the term project.
As previously shared, focus on an opportunity for which you can develop and launch a product within the next 12 months. Your solution should leverage your skills and relationships, and require initial funding of no more than $25,000 to bring the product to market. Be sure that if you are proposing a hardware or software solution requiring technical expertise, that you presently have this expertise or have a feasible plan for development based on the principles discussed in the course and the $25,000 funding limit for this assignment.
The total length of this analysis should be approximately 4,000 words in total for questions 1 through 11. Be sure not to exceed 4,200 words in total.
We suggest that you copy these questions and author your responses in a Google Doc or Word Doc before submitting them into the Canvas fields for submission by the due date.
Answer each bulleted question separately in the Google Doc or Word Doc to facilitate the copy and paste process into Canvas.
Be sure to save this document and not edit it after the due date in case a backup copy is needed to evidence your on-time completion.
This will also provide you with a copy of your ideas and plans that will live beyond your access to this course.
Be sure to include in-text citations (Links to an external site.) for each response that aligns with your references to support your analysis for this question.
There should be at least 10 unique reference sources (i.e. 10 different articles, reports, etc.). While you may repeat a citation (i.e. reference one report multiple times), referencing one report multiple times counts as one citation.
As these references should be specific to the industry, competitors, market, etc. for your new venture, do not include the textbook, articles, lectures, or lecture slides from the course as references.
Also be sure to include a breath of references; at least ten different references should used in this project.
In your response to question 12 at the end of this assignment, list the full reference in APA format (Links to an external site.).


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