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Just Mercy the book Part II focuses specifically on chapter 8, which describes t

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Sociology | 0 comments


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Just Mercy the book Part II focuses specifically on chapter 8, which describes the biological, psychological and social effects that life imprisonment without parole in an adult prison has on young children like Trina Garnett. Part I should be approximately 4-5 pages, double spaced. Use Times Roman, 12” font for all papers. 1. Briefly describe and analyze how the biological, psychological and social systems positively and negatively affected Trina Garnett during her childhood and adolescence stages of development. Apply two traditional developmental theories and at least one midrange or alternative theory/perspective (refer to theories learned in HBSE I). Discuss how the micro, mezzo and macro systems, both formal and informal, affected Trina. Identify policies that had positive and negative effects. 2. Make believe that you are Trina’s social worker and she is in her adolescence stage of development: 1) Provide specific examples of how you engaged Trina. 2) State how you assessed her biologically and psychologically. Identify one EBP assessment tool, share its validity and reliability, and explain and analyze its findings. Make believe that you also used an eco-map to assess Trina’s level of social support. First, explain the importance using an eco-map and describe the results of Trina’s the eco-map. (Put each assessment tool in the appendices). 3. Explain the treatment/ intervention plan you developed for Trina? Clearly explain why you selected the specific intervention strategies and provide support from social work literature. Share the timeline for the intervention. Be sure to link the results of each assessment tool used to the corresponding intervention strategy used in your treatment plan. 4. To determine your evaluation, explain whether the treatment/intervention strategies used with Trina were successful. Why or why not?


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