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Please answer the following question <
1) If you are asked to do a res

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Please answer the following question
1) If you are asked to do a research in your company or any other company of your choice, what research topic would you like to propose? Please explain or elaborate.
2) Assume that you preferred a quantitative research, who will be your respondents and what type of sampling techniques are you are going to employ? Please explain.
3) What research instrument do you think you are going to use in gathering your data and how are you going to undertake it? Please explain.
4) Who do you think will likely be most benefitted by your research and in what way? Please explain.
5) Give two ways that you need to observe or to do to make sure that the results of your study will be accurate or eliminate biases?
6) Assuming that one of your statement of the problem is a test of correlations. How do you determine whether you are going to use parametric or non-parametric statistical treatment? Please explain.
7) What is the purpose of the Review of Related Literature and Studies in thesis?


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