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PROMPT QUESTION: Hayhoe seeks to turn down the temperature (pardon the pun) on c

by | Apr 28, 2022 | History | 0 comments


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PROMPT QUESTION: Hayhoe seeks to turn down the temperature (pardon the pun) on climate debates. Given what we’ve studied this semester, where do you find her convincing and where do you find her naive? SOURCE: Hayhoe, Saving Us Please let me know upon bid placements if you are able to gain access to the book or not based off your online resources. Questions we’ve discussed in class: Is it possible to actually solve these types of debates/ culture wars, and how so? How do you convince people climate change is relevant, to change their actions, etc.? Does Hayhoe’s perspective come off as arrogant because she is assuming her side is morally correct? We also analyzed the comparison of this debate and the lead poisoning debate: if we’ve known its potential hazards since the 1800s, why is it still present in today’s environment? (Economic factors)


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