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Report structure:1. Preliminary pages that are part of template (i.e., stating t

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Report structure:1. Preliminary pages that are part of template (i.e., stating that the work is your own, etc.) (not included in page limit)
2. Title page (not included in page limit)
3. Abstract (not included in page limit)
4. Introduction
5. Method
6. Results
7. Discussion
8. References (not included in page limit)
9. Tables – optional (not included in page limit)
10. Figures – optional (not included in page limit)
11. Appendices – optional (not included in page limit)Note that you can find marked examples of reports in chapter 23 of “Research Methods and
Statistics in Psychology” by Hugh Cooligan (2009, 5th edition).Specific guidelines for this report: What follows is deliberately general. Much of what is included here will help you to write other research reports in future. However, as this is the first research report you will be writing, in order to help you get used to the structure and conventions of reporting psychological research, some of these guidelines are specific to this report only. In the case of differences between this and other documents, the present document should take precedence for the PSY1019 report only.I also need the title page, abstract, references and all tables and figures used.Also, I have a jamovi document that I’m not allowed to add here. Could you please provide me with an email so I can send. it through email.


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