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Research Proposal OBJECTIVE & AUDIENCE The objective of this assignment is for y

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Research Proposal OBJECTIVE & AUDIENCE The objective of this assignment is for you to write an internal research proposal addressed to the professor. RATIONALE The primary purpose of this assignment is for you to learn and practice how to write a proposal. A secondary purpose is for you to begin thinking about a potential topic for your recommendation report. There are no restrictions on the topic of your research proposal or recommendation report but both documents need to be in response to a specific problem that needs to be solved, a perceived need that must be addressed, or a potential opportunity for growth. Additionally, this assignment maps onto the following course learning outcomes: • Research, design, create and prepare informal and formal documents suitable for the workplace. • Edit documents for correctness. • Respond usefully to others’ writing. FORMAT Use the example of the internal proposal that begins on page 457 as a formatting guide. Specifically, you’ll note that the example is presented as a memo which includes a header, headings, page numbers, and single-spaced paragraphs that are aligned to the left. Additionally, your research proposal should be a minimum of three (3) pages. OUTLINE OF CONTENT CRITERIA Your proposal will also include the same sections (see below) used in the example of the internal proposal (p. 457). However, that being stated, I do not want you to create a hypothetical situation to create a fictitious context for your research proposal. As such, you may find it helpful to think ahead and what you would like to write about for your recommendation report as a way to generate ideas for your research proposal. Purpose Articulate a purpose statement. Summary • Include a brief summary of the proposed project. • Explain the background of the problem and provide evidence to support all claims made. • Provide a brief overview of proposal. • Include a summary of the schedule. • Explain your credentials. • Identify the deliverables resulting from the research proposal. Introduction • Include brief statement of the context for the research proposal. • Explain the problem and provide evidence to support all claims made. • Articulate the research question(s) that will be answered in the recommendation report. • Address feasibility issue(s) of the proposed project. • Provide formal statement referring to the solicited research proposal. • Include an advance organizer to identify the structure of the remainder of the proposal. Proposed Tasks • First task: Secondary research o Identify and briefly explain at least three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles that are pertinent and relevant to the research topic. o Parenthetical citations need to be in APA format. o Work that still needs to be completed. • Last task: Recommendation report. o Explain the purpose, scope, and organization of the recommendation report. In addition to the two (2) tasks identified above, additional tasks should be identified as required by your topic. Tasks should be numbered as appropriate based on their sequential order. Schedule Include a proposed schedule, formatted as a graphic representation, of project tasks for the recommendation report. Experience Summarize your credentials as they pertain to the proposed topic. References List the peer-reviewed journal articles referenced and discussed in APA format References does not have to begin on a new page.


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