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Structure: Abstract, Content page, Introduction, Methodology, Literature review,

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Law | 0 comments


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Structure: Abstract, Content page, Introduction, Methodology, Literature review, Evidence and Conclusion.Topics to include:
1. Fundamentals of Evidence: principles, foundational terms and concepts, the adversarial trial, trier of law and fact, admissibility.
2. Processes of Proof and fact finding
3. Evidence and the Police: Right to silence, confessions, improperly obtained evidence, duties of disclosure, discretionary exclusion of evidence
4. Burden and Standard of Proof: Right to a Fair Trial
5. Witnesses: Competence and compellability, vulnerable witness protection, examination in chief, cross examination, corroboration and supporting evidence, Rape Shield
6. Identification Evidence
7. Hearsay
8. Bad Character Evidence
9. Expert Evidence
10. Immunities & Public Policy
11. Legal Professional PrivilegeThings to dive into: A sociolegal approach and inquiry to hearsay evidence (law) that will explore the different ways women are discriminated against when giving evidence at trial in domestic violence and rape cases. Need to include sociological studies into the different ways women would communicate with outsiders when victim to aforementioned crimes: for example, that women will tell their families and friends first instead of going directly to police as these crimes happen behind closed doors; as opposed to men who often fall victim to crimes “outside” where there are often cameras (CCTV) or witnesses.
Connect that to the history of Hearsay law and its development in the UK and the US. Does the new laws – the current approach – help or hinder women? has it been easier to rely on hearsay evidence? Should the law change or do more? Etc.


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