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The following is the assignment, additionally I have my reference already as wel

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Tourism | 0 comments


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The following is the assignment, additionally I have my reference already as well as a (disorganized) document which can serve as a potential outline. Read the article below and respond to the essay topic which follows. “Burmese women trapped in Thailand ‘human zoo’” Andrew Harding, BBC News, 01/02/2008 Denied full rights as citizens and blocked from resettling overseas, the Burmese Padaung, or ‘Kayan’, refugees of northern Thailand have been locked into a dependency on tourism for nearly 20 years. Famous for the distinctive brass rings worn around their necks, the Padaung women and girls (often nicknamed ‘long-necks’) have proved a popular tourist attraction. Now calls are growing from the Padaung community and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) for the Thai authorities to grant the Padaung basic rights and opportunities and allow them to move beyond the tourist trap. Up to 150 visitors are taken by Thai tour companies to one of the three Padaung villages every day during high season. However, little of the money this generates ends up in the hands of the Paduang. Without Thai citizenship, most Padaung (including women wearing neck rings) are forbidden to work and are largely confined to the villages, making them completely dependent on tourism for any source of income. ‘Tourists pay an entrance fee of 250 bhat (about $7, at 150 visitors per day this is approximately $33 500 per month)’, explains Mu Paw, a local Kayan woman from one of the villages. ‘About 1,500 baht ($40) is paid to the women wearing the neck rings per month during the high season. When tourist numbers drop during the rainy season, the fee is reduced and villagers must depend upon food aid. The money is controlled by a local Thai official, who works with the village authority. The Kayan people do not know how much the local authority and the Thai village chief earn from tourists or the tour companies’. Women without neck rings and Paduang men receive nothing from the tourist visits, so try to make money by selling handicrafts and textiles. The lucrative role of Padaung women in tourism has been highlighted further by the Thai government’s recent refusal to grant exit visas to a group of 20 Kayan, which would allow them to move overseas under a UNHCR resettlement scheme. The Thai authorities argue that the Padaung do not meet the criteria for refugee status because they live outside the main refugee camp. They say the Paduang are economic migrants who earn a good living from the tourist trade, rather than refugees fleeing conflict. According to Mu Paw, when the Padaung came to Thailand to escape persecution in Burma, the Thai authorities deliberately separated them from other refugees from the Karenni region. ‘They do not want the Kayan to leave Thailand because of the money they bring in from tourism’, she says. ‘The government told the world that the Kayan are free and happy, but this is not the reality’. Mu Paw says that the Padaung do not want tourists to stop coming, but villagers should be allowed to control tourism to the villages so they can benefit from it more. Currently they have very limited education and employment opportunities. ‘There is increasing concern amongst villagers over the future of our children. The Padaung have been living in the village like birds in a cage’. Is tourism a good or a bad thing for the Kayan? Based upon the article provided, and utilizing the concepts, tools and management strategies covered in readings and discussed in class, in essay format, briefly outline what you think the key socio-cultural impacts of tourism are for the Kayan tribe. Utilizing the concepts, tools and management strategies covered in readings and discussed in class in detail outline some ways in which tourism to the Kayan village could be re- designed to be more beneficial for the Kayan people? Be sure your essay has an introduction, body and conclusion. Don’t just launch into your arguments from the first sentence, your introduction should outline the topic, state the aims and objectives of the essay, and outline how your essay will achieve those aims and objectives. 2. Be sure you use adequate and correct referencing in APA style. If you are not sure about this look it up. An APA referencing guide is available in Canvas in the essay module but they are also very easily googled. Incorrect referencing will be penalized, an absence of references in text and/or in a reference list will likely result in a failing grade. 3. Use a wide variety of reputable references beyond those supplied to you that demonstrate that you spent time researching your topic, theories, and solutions. If you plan on getting and A or a B, do significant additional research into the case study you choose AND into the management theories and tools you use in your essay and cite these references correctly. You will be way more knowledgeable, you will have more to say, your solutions will be better, and your paper will be far more interesting. 4. Do not submit “fluff”. By that I mean a bunch of words strung together to fill up space that don’t actually say anything meaningful, or long sections of unresearched, uncited, discussion about the case or the theories and tools you use. 5. The essay asks for a brief outline of the key issues. The focus of the essay should be on finding solutions, not outlining the issues. Don’t let framing the issues become the bulk of your essay. 6. Frame the issues with recreation and tourism management theories we have discussed in class and that you have been reading about. Mention those theories by name in bold italics. Define and reference them. Do additional research on them. Failure to frame issues with some of the following theories (feel free to use others as well) will be penalized. Doxey’s Irridex Acculturation Zooification Demonstration Effect Butler’s Curve Pretty’s Typology ? Cultural Commodification ? Tragedy of the Commons ? Crowding ? Carrying capacities 7. Develop solutions to the issues you identify based on management tools discussed in class and in the readings. Mention them by name in bold italics, define them citing the sources of information you used. If you’re looking for a good grade, do additional research on them beyond the information provided to you. Think about and provide examples of how these management tools might work in the specific context of the case study you choose. Include tools such as (but not limited to) the following – failure to incorporate management tools into solutions will be penalized. Cultural Mirages Zoning Codes of conduct Limits of acceptable change Protected Areas Environmental Impact Assessment Environmental Management Systems Sustainability Management Systems Sustainability Certification Programs Environmental Auditing ? Pretty’s Typologies of Participation ? Tourism Enclaves ? Joint Ventures Carrying Capacities


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