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-The importance of social infrastructure and the implications for economic devel

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Economics : Economics | 0 comments


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-The importance of social infrastructure and the implications for economic development; -More equal societies grow faster.
-Inequality and growth
-One recent paper I read looked for a nonlinear effect of educational attainment on the type of foreign direct investment a country attracted, and what this did for growth. They found above a certain threshold of educational attainment, the investment a country attracted was mostly higher technology manufacturing, which paid relatively well and brought in more high productivity production methods. This raised incomes, provided incentives for more education, and had spillover effects on the productivity of the country as a whole, sparking high growth. Below this threshold, foreign direct investment was primarily for sweatshop type manufacturing, which did little for growth. Maybe this is an interesting chapter to put on. I want the thesis to be around the topic of social equality/inequality and economic growth of a country. These are some ideas I’d like to elaborate, but feel free to work on a linear and simple to follow proposal.


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