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“The purpose of this paper is to investigate the details of your given specialty

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“The purpose of this paper is to investigate the details of your given specialty. This 4-6 page paper will be presented to describe the specialty. This paper should include a minimum of three references. These references should be addressed per APA format with accompanying works cited or bibliography page at the end of the paper. The paper will address, at minimum, the following areas: -what is the history of the specialty? -what is the scope of practice? -what practitioners work in this setting (physicians, therapists, etc)? -what training/certification is required for each of these practitioners? -what type of patient is best served by this specialty? -what alternatives to this specialty exist? -how are patients referred to the clinic/specialty? -how is care coordinated between the patient’s various healthcare providers? **systems-based practice application** -describe when patients should be appropriately referred to this specialty service. -discuss the importance of arranging clear and concise individualized follow-up plans based upon the case scenario. -evaluate the role of practitioners in providing continuity of care and in effectively communicating and collaborating with other members of the healthcare system who also care for the patient to optimize care (in case of pain management – mental health is hugely impacted) **assess the role each of the following plays in the ability to care for an follow up with he patient** -medication costs insurance coverage or lack thereof (can list estimates of pain procedures) -location of residence of the patient -available resources within the community” ****IF YOU LOOK AT THE ATTACHMENT THIS SHOULD GIVE YOU ABOUT 80% OF WHAT YOU NEED TO WRITE THE PAPER****


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