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This is only part of a larger project, but the only part I need done. USE MY DAT

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Management | 0 comments


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This is only part of a larger project, but the only part I need done. USE MY DATA link. Look at the rate drop out rates for those who ONLY GOT PARTIALLY VACCINATED(within all listed ethnicity) in LA and compare them to the drop out rates of the same ethnicity in Orange. Again, we are looking at ONLY those who got partially vaccinated in LA and Orange County. Use this Data(click on “county” in the filter list(on the right) to add Orange(make sure to add/remove to compare the two different counties): Looking at this data, write a FULL page paper on this. No need for a title or formatting, just one full page answering the questions below. 1. List the question we are looking up -> The answer to this is something along the lines of “what are the drop out rates in LA and comparing them with a neighboring county may show flaws and weaknesses/strengths and gauging public interest(seeing if they cared enough) ” I don’t know how to word it, come up with something good along those lines. Let me know if you need me to clarify 2. Why this is important 3. Answer the Question and compare the rates


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