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This project is worth the equivalent of one test grade (~13% of your grade). You

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This project is worth the equivalent of one test grade (~13% of your grade). You will be analyzing a dataset using what we’ve learned in class and writing a business memo describing your process and results. The final product should be around 7-10 pages (including your visualizations and tables) and no more than 12 pages. Feel free to use this sample memo as a template: Exam 3 Memo.docx Download Exam 3 Memo.docx. Make sure to change all the text in red- black text can be left as-is. SUBMIT BOTH YOUR MEMO AND YOUR EXCEL WORKSHEET Contents of your paper Abstract: ~150 word summary of your paper Body Introduction: 1 paragraph. Clearly indicate which dataset you were assigned and do some research about it. What are some important things your findings could tell us? Data Analysis: Two sub-sections. For each of your two groups, include descriptive statistics (mean, standard deviation, 5 number summary, range), a frequency table, stem and leaf plot, histogram, and a boxplot. Explain the importance of having at least 30 observations in each group and state the percentage of observations lying within 1,2, and 3 standard deviations of the mean. What are your conclusions (interpret your results). Repeat for your second group. Round to 2 decimal places, except for your p-values (3 decimal places). Ensure your tables match throughout the document. Explain what these statistics mean. Mention the distribution. Would you report mean or median if asked for an average? Why? A note: if you filter your dataset as shown in the video, you may notice that some rows from your original data set will be hidden. Make sure you’re looking at the original dataset when calculating the percentage of observations within 1/2/3 standard deviations. Inferential Statistics: What are your 95% confidence intervals? State in LOP and include a table with your sample mean, standard error (standard deviation of your sample), MOE, DF, lower, and upper limits Come up with a hypothesis and run a two-sample hypothesis test, following each of the steps. Use this worksheet (Hypothesis Test for Exam 3-1.xlsx Download Hypothesis Test for Exam 3-1.xlsx) to go through the steps- fill in/ change all of the the cells in yellow (mean, standard deviation, steps 1-6, p-value). Include your interpretation in the written part of the memo. What were your hypotheses? What did you accept/ reject? Is your p-value significant? What does this all mean? Conclusions: What was your goal? What did you do? Is there a difference between your groups? Was your hypothesis correct? Sources: Include all sources of information. Dataset Descriptions Exam 3 Datasets- Spring.xlsx Download Exam 3 Datasets- Spring.xlsx Use the attached Excel workbook to get your dataset. Select the sheet with your class time (8am/1230pm) to see your assigned dataset. You will use this assigned dataset to write your memo. (mine is C) C: The sepal width (cm.) for a random sample of 40 iris versicolor in Column A and a random sample of 42 iris virginica in Column B (Reference: Anderson, E., Amer. Iris Soc via Cengage)


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