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Working individually, you are required to select and investigate a recent ‘iconi

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Engineering | 0 comments


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Working individually, you are required to select and investigate a recent ‘iconic’ construction project completed in the last 10 years or currently progressing. The project can be located in any part of the world. Considering your selected iconic project, you should write a 3000-word research oriented report covering the following two tasks:
1. Introduce your selected project. The selected project should be named, and a brief background should be provided to introduce/describe the chosen project and to justify its iconic nature. Project key information and start and completion dates should be clearly specified by including relevant tables/figures.
2. Describe and map, by creating two IDEFO diagrams, the main processes in the pre-construction phase (i.e. all the key processes preceding the construction phase) of the selected project. The two IDEF0 diagrams should consist of a single Level 0 diagram (i.e., Context diagram) and a single Level 1 diagram. You should also select four processes, from your Level 1 IDEF0 diagram, and describe the flow of activities within these processes by using four UML Activity diagrams. The RIBA Plan of Work or CIOB Code of Practice for Project Management frameworks must be investigated and used to identify and map the main processes/activities and other relevant information to be included in your own diagrams. The selected framework should be clearly named in the report.
Each diagram should be introduced and discussed in the report by clearly describing the processes/activities depicted in the diagram in the context of the selected project and of the selected project life cycle framework (i.e. RIBA Plan of Work or CIOB Code of Practice for Project Management). The description of the illustrated processes and activities is expected to be effectively supported by references to the selected project life cycle framework and relevant literature. You should also make appropriate assumptions as necessary and state them accordingly. The description of the four UML
Activity diagrams is expected to be more detailed than the description of the IDEF0 diagrams.


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