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Write a 6-8 page paper that forwards an argument about the film “The Day After T

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Environmental Issues | 0 comments


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Write a 6-8 page paper that forwards an argument about the film “The Day After Tomorrow” and its relationship to an ecological idea. How, or to what extent, does The Day After Tomorrow create a national vision of the United States, its population, and/or its response to climate change? Is there anything unique or interesting about this vision? How is the film accomplished? What devices do they use? Criteria for Success: The presence of a clear, defensible argument Clarity in the relationship between your argument and the evidence you use to support that argument Quality close reading/textual analysis Clarity in thought and expression Defend the argument through the use of filmic analysis (based on quotes or screen captures where necessary). The argument should be large enough to explore without adding extraneous or irrelevant material, and your investigation should feel complete and full rather than narrow. It should be clear how each part of your paper relates to your thesis. For the purposes of this essay, I encourage you to try out introductions/conclusions as ways to situate your texts/arguments in their appropriate contexts and introduce materials/concepts that will be relevant for you later.


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