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Writing requirements Phrases and words to avoid in writing Do not use 1st person

by | Apr 28, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments


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Writing requirements
Phrases and words to avoid in writing
Do not use
1st person ( I, we, us, our, me, mine, my) any noun that includes yourself
2nd person (you)
Also do not use
Directions—You need to follow MLA formatting; this includes, spacing heading, header, Works Cited page, In-text citations. When citing your sources, whether it is your journals or the dramas/plays if it is not your words, thoughts, or ideas you need to cite; this includes summarizing the journals or the plays. If you do not properly cite your information; it is considered plagiarism, and that is not acceptable and you will be given a zero for your essay.
You must use at least 2 of the plays, short stories or poems that we have read this semester and no more than 4 from the book( you can mix and Match) you can use 1 short story and one drama or 1 play and one short story.  You do not have to use 2 plays, 2 short stories or 2 poems.
You need to choose one of the questions analyze it and answer it in a 6 to 7 page essay (Not including the Works cited page). Must have proper MLA formatting including citations.
Additional Readings to Consider:
Antigone 9th edition only–Play
The Raven–poem
The Cask of Amontillado–short story
You have to choose two of the plays, short stories, poems that we have read and do a character analysis, irony, symbolism.


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