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you are doing coursework 3. full brief can be found in Module handbook from page

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you are doing coursework 3. full brief can be found in Module handbook from page 8 . it is a 2000 words report.
-There are 3 sections:
-no executive summary. but please include introduction and conclusion.
This assignment will be a little bit confusing for you.
The centre of this is a reflection upon the two leadership competencies that you choose to talk about-looking back into the literature to think about how that explores and sort of open the thought. you’re thinking about the competencies and then you think about thinking forward and how you want to then develop those and thinking ahead to your own career.the important thing is self reflection.
for self reflection you could use Kolb’s cycle model framework or GIBB’s reflective learning cycle. or if you have other model you can also use it.
-please include table of content for me.
must have appendix section at the end.please complete this personality test and screenshot the result and use it for one of the appendix. complete and you can reflect on the result. the assignment required 4 appendices. I will use 2 from mentoring programme where I am a mentor, i cannot use Bacchus mentoring as I don’t have any mentor. I will use 1 from the personality test and 1 I still try to think. I will send it to you later once I can think of one.if you don’t understand please let me know asap


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