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your final team project plan presentation, you will be describing how you will d

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your final team project plan presentation, you will be describing how you will distribute the product you are introducing to the marketplace. To prepare you for that section, and for the purpose of this discussion board, answer the following questions as they relate to your specific product: In one or two sentences, describe your product, the company you represent and the brand image you want the product to project. Considering the 5 Cs mentioned in this module, what type of distribution channel should you use? Address all 5 Cs in your answer. Which retailer(s) should represent and sell your product? Why? In terms of their range of distribution coverage, is your retailer intensive, selective and exclusive? Why is this aspect important to your product sales? Will you use wholesaler(s)? Talk about at least three functions they will perform for your product. Will you have a transactional website where consumers can purchase your product? If yes, explain why this option is important to your target market. If no, explain why not. Cite at least two other sources (apart from your text) to support your responses using APA format. To ensure that you have an ORGANIZED posting – use bolded subject headers for Question # 1, Question # 2, Question # 3, etc. Part of your GRADING RUBRIC gives you points for the organization of your homework in the discussion board.


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