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EACH RESPONSE MUST BE BETWEEN 100 – 150 WORDS. NO PLAGIARISM NO PARAPHRASE TOOLS Essays must be in your own words. They will be checked for plagiarism. DO NOT include a header or the essay question into your word document USE SOURCES PROVIDED TEXTBOOK: Cognition Exploring the Science of the Mind EIGHTH EDITION USE EXTREMELY EASY TO UNDERSTAND WORDS
Chapter 11 essay question
Compare and contrast imagery and perception. In what ways are they similar? How do they differ?
Chapter 12 essay question:
Your friend Alex swears that, while driving to school every morning, he gets caught at every red light, which of course makes him late for class. You know that this is not actually true: it is incredibly unlikely that he actually hits every red light. Assume that Alex isn’t intentionally lying to you, and consider the factors that might lead him to truly believe [incorrectly] that he is unlucky when it comes to red lights.
Chapter 13 essay question:
Some theorists propose that problem solving (especially creative solving) proceeds through four stages. What are the four stages? What evidence supports or challenges claims about these four stages?
Chapter 14 essay question:
Jim and John are monozygotic (identical) twins who grew up in the same household. Lauren and Lucas are dizygotic (fraternal) twins who also grew up in the same household. Sally and Sarah are monozygotic (identical) twins who grew up in different households. Describe how these three sets of twins will differ genetically and how they will likely differ in terms of intelligence.


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