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Following the scenario with dermatology shortage in the previous week, let’s ass

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Health Care | 0 comments


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Following the scenario with dermatology shortage in the previous week, let’s assume that among other strategies, Kaiser Permanente has decided to add dermatology service to a small Kaiser medical center in the same city and to hire additional dermatologists and nurse practitioners to ease the bottleneck at the other location.
At the present time, there are only adult primary care, OB/GYN, pediatrics, and laboratory services in this center. Some modification needs to be made to the existing space to make it ready for dermatology. It is projected that the new location will be ready to see patients in three months. Two months in, the operations manager left for another job. The space is nowhere near ready to see patients.
You are brought in as an internal consultant; you will be a Kaiser employee and work in the business office to help identify where things have gone wrong and what actions need to be taken.
Without the original source (the operations manager) to interview to learn about the problems and potential causes, your job is especially challenging as you have to consider all possible options.
What do you think has gone wrong? (Review the steps in “Implementing a Strategic Plan” in the course materials to help you identify potential issues.)
What could be the barriers causing this implementation to fail? List at least three potential barriers and explain why.
What would you recommend to address the barriers that you identify in question two?
Hints: The space would need to be specifically designed for dermatology, equipment and instruments purchased, and providers and staff hired and trained. In addition, state regulation and licensing may need to be updated for the additional service. Billing configuration would need to be ready for the new location to bill the insurance side and Medicare.
Create a three- to four-page paper in APA Style. Include a title page and a reference list. You must cite and reference at least three sources.


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