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For this week’s discussion board, please post a link to an article or a TED Talk

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Business and Management : Communication Studies | 0 comments


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For this week’s discussion board, please post a link to an article or a TED Talk video that applies to:
-improving group collaboration
-team building
-dealing with meeting tension
-other meeting-related topics
While I am flexible on these specifications, ideally, your selection should be:
somewhat recent (less than a year old)
applicable to the topics we have covered so far in Week 1, 2, or 3. (attached PPT)
Once you have made a selection…
1.  Write an abstract for the item.
2.  Connect it to your individual experience. (Software Engineer Recruiter)
a. How does the advice or observation apply in your life?
b. Does it help you resolve a meeting-related issue you are facing?
c. Give relevant examples.
3.  Discuss how your selection relates to course materials.
a. Does  Wilkinson, Shaffran (or other authors we’ve read) mention this topic?
b.  Was it something I referenced in a lecture?
c.  Cite your sources.
4.  How did you find this item?
a. Did you discover it recently through a blog or social media?
b. Did a colleague recommend it to you?
5.  Be sure to provide a link.


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