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Out of the 5 feminist frameworks presented in TOP HAT, Chapter 9 (Liberal, Socia

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Psychology and Education : Psychology | 0 comments


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Out of the 5 feminist frameworks presented in TOP HAT, Chapter 9 (Liberal, Socialist, Radical, Multi-Racial, and Postmodern), which makes the most sense to you?  Explain the main ideas of the framework, and explain why you support it.
Wade and Ferree (Chapter 13) present 3 models of social change. Do you think the equal access, equal value, or equal sharing model of gender equality is the most effective in creating social change? Explain each model, and explain why you believe one is the most effective.
Finally, reflect on your personal beliefs and values.  Do you consider yourself a feminist?  P.S. There is NO RIGHT ANSWER here.


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