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Prompt: In Milestone One, you selected an organization to analyze from the U.S.

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Health Care and Life Sciences | 0 comments


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Prompt: In Milestone One, you selected an organization to analyze from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR database and received approval
and feedback from your instructor on your proposal. In Milestone Two, you submitted a draft of the policy research report and received feedback. Now, for
Milestone Three of your final project, you will apply the economic principles you have examined through the first seven weeks of the course to your chosen
organization by submitting a draft of the organizational analysis report.
Based on instructor feedback and direction to this milestone, you will revise your organizational analysis report for the final submission of the policy research
and organizational analysis report in Module Nine.
Your analysis of your chosen organization must address the following elements:
I. Organizational Impact and Recommendations:
A. Organization Introduction: What organization is the focus of your report, the sub-industry or type of organization it belongs to (home care,
hospital, etc.), and what is the financial background of the organization?
B. Nonprofit or For-Profit: Is the organization you selected a nonprofit or a for-profit? What differences will this make in terms of economic policy
II. Financials, Market, and Demand:
A. Demand Theory: Explain how demand theory is reflected in the organizational financial statements.
B. Market Behavior Impact: Explain how and why market behavior affects the financial statements at various times throughout the calendar year
for your organization.
III. Economic Legislative Changes:
A. Legislative Changes: Considering the economic and legislative changes you researched, what changes are most likely to impact your
organization, and why?
B. Policy Changes and Impact: Considering the legislative changes and type of organization you have selected, what possible organizational policies
may result? Discuss the possible resulting policy changes that may occur within the organization. What is, or will be, the impact of these policy
and legislative changes on your organization?
C. Statement Impact: In what ways would you expect to see the financial statements to be impacted because of these changes, and why?
D. Potential Disparities: Would the legislative changes cause disparities in care that could further impact your organization, or that your
organization could plan to combat? How would you recommend planning for these?
Guidelines for Submission: Your report should be in APA format and all resources and references should be cited appropriately. A well-written, concise report
will fall within the range of 4  pages, not including a title and reference page.


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