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This fifth week is reserved for discussion about Mini Case Study 3. If you have

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Business and Management : Human Resource Management (HR) | 0 comments


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This fifth week is reserved for discussion about Mini Case Study 3. If you have a question about the instructions for the case study, please post it here so everyone will have the same information.
Once again, be sure to review all the assigned reading material, take the retention quiz, review the assignments instructions with the video, and understand the grading rubric, before you begin the assignment.
A problem has emerged with the working conditions at the call center in Bangalore, which leads to an uncomfortable conversation with CEO Jacob Zielinski.  An employee is hospitalized and the media has quoted him saying he is under a lot of stress, is over worked, and his pay is not enough to provide for his family. In your response to the CEO, consider how employees’ motivation could be improved through changes in leadership style, what changes need to be made in work practices, and what statements need to be made in a response to the media.
A few thoughts that came to mind to me immediately follow:
The situation presents an immediate crisis as well as some longer-term issues that require action.
The CEO needs information that can be used to respond to the media about the situation of the employee in the hospital and the concerns about the organization’s treatment of all the employees and their working conditions.
Longer-term issues such as the possible need for changes in the working conditions, perceptions about obligations to the employees, compliance with the employment laws, balance of providing for the employees and their families and the organization’s financial considerations need to be addressed. Is there a way to provide other rewards in addition to compensation that may help with the well-being of the family for little or no additional cost? This is where the information about motivation, leadership, and retention will be helpful to share with the CEO.
Academic title page
Reference list of course material or other sources used in support of information
In-text citations for any sources quoted or used as support of the information
Separate segments with topic headings for the
Introduction/Purpose of the Paper,
Body of the Report
The Body of the Report (item 2 above) for this assignment includes the following reflections and could include the following content. Do not limit yourself to the suggestions provided as they are only for illustration purposes.
A.  Description of the relationship between leadership, motivation, and retention:
The situation related to the working conditions at the call center in Bangalore could be summarized. The CEO is concerned about a few factors such as media attention and a response for them, compliance with laws, as well as whether there are obligations about the well-being of the employee and their ability to care for their family including the extended one. The financial well being of the organization is also a concern since added hours of work or higher wages can be costly.
The culture of the organization and the culture of the country impact what motivates employees, what they value, and what leadership style is the best fit for them. A look at the culture of India such as that that is provided by Hofstede could provide needed information.,the-usa/
Last week we spoke about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Are there best practices from last week about how all stakeholders including the public, applicants, and current employees are more concerned today than in decades past about the CSR and EDI practices of the organization that should be noted?
Recall that it is always helpful to provide academic definitions to the terms you are using in the paper therefore the definitions (such as from our course material) of the terms of leadership, motivation, and retention would most likely be included.
To describe the relationship between or among the three concepts of leadership, motivation, and retention, it would be helpful to select from the theories that are provided in your reading material in support of your statements.
B.  Recommendations for a plan of action that addresses accountability to stakeholders as well as employee well-being and motivation
You could define who the stakeholders are in this situation. In addition, you are asked to provide recommendations for any changes in leadership approach and subsequent impact on working conditions, practices, communication, or need to be supported with theory or facts such as the legal compliance issues.
C.  The CEO wants information that can be used in a media or press release so you will want to write a few statements for him to use to counter the bad press that has been released about the employee who was hospitalized.


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