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This week seven’s forum is reserved for questions about Mini Case Study 5. If yo

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Business and Management : Human Resource Management (HR) | 0 comments


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This week seven’s forum is reserved for questions about Mini Case Study 5. If you have a question about the instructions for the case study, please post it here so everyone will have the same information.
As you have done in the week’s prior to this one, review all the assigned reading material, take the retention quiz, review the assignments instructions with the video, and understand the grading rubric, before you begin the assignment.
The written assignments for the week are twofold:
First, prepare a brief (a paper) explaining the source of conflict and the cultural dimensions behind it to be given to the CEO and the Legal Counsel. For the brief: include the following:
Title page
Introduction/purpose of the paper/brief
Body of the paper (the brief describing the conflict that has surfaced, cultural differences between the United States and India related to the conflict that has arisen regarding age and also promotions, and any laws related to age discrimination for India)
Reference page
The case study reports are expected to be written in 12-point font, double spaced, APA format for in-text citations and references with topic headings for organization. Statements that assert facts are expected to have their source included (an in-text citation and reference). There are no minimum or maximum lengths required in any of the reports, but generally are expected to be brief. One to two pages excluding the title page and reference page should be ample to demonstrate your knowledge but use the number of pages you feel is needed.
Second, prepare a short PowerPoint presentation for the proposed training session that provides employees with information about Parlatech’s performance-based promotion system (as you envision it) and the conflict that has emerged. Your presentation should clearly:
Identify characteristics of organizational and societal culture
Explain the conflict that has emerged
Discuss the relevant differences in cultural values behind the conflict (you may want to give examples of the culture in India compared to the United States)
Describe how ParlaTech will implement your performance-based system that prioritizes equity and rewarding high performance
Support your explanations and your promotion system with evidence from your readings and/or your own research (with in-text citations and references).
The presentation should contain approximately four (but can be more) content slides plus a title slide, reference slide, and a slide that introduces the presentation and describes your objectives for the training the CEO asked you to provide. Keep the slides short with concise bullet points which may also contain (but not required) simple graphics to help keep the audiences focus as you make your presentation. The written script for the presentation should be contained in the notes portion of the presentation.
In addition to the course material about conflict, the following websites may be helpful:

Country Comparison


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