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What career are you pursuing? What values will contribute to your success in tha

by | Apr 29, 2022 | English and Literature : English | 0 comments


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What career are you pursuing? What values will contribute to your success in that career? Do some research to discover three of the values or character traits of someone who is successful in your chosen career. For this part, you may use any of the following secondary sources:
•    Personal interview
•    Professional website (Use only websites that end in .org, .gov, or .edu)
•    Textbook
Consider the values and admirable character traits of the people and characters you have studied this semester. Which people demonstrate the values that will help you be successful in your career? Find three people from the following categories that you have studied, using only one per category but three total.
•    a first American
•    an explorer or colonizer
•    a religious leader
•    a politician
•    a philosopher
•    an abolitionist
•    a poet
•    a fictional character
Quote from their works as you explain how emulating the three people or characters would add meaning to the career you have chosen. You should have at least one quotation from each of the ENG 251 sources and at least two quotations from the secondary sources you are using to show what values are important for your chosen career.


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