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What’s expected of the digging critiques? While all the reports that I will post

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Marketing : Marketing | 0 comments


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What’s expected of the digging critiques? While all the reports that I will post are great, none of them are perfect. Your final task in the course is to select three “digging” reports from your colleagues and provide a thorough critique of each that highlights critical insights and critical flaws. You may choose from any of the reports that are posted. What are critical insights and flaws? Critical insights are the answers provided in the report that get at the heart of the questions that are asked. Critical flaws are likely to be missing answers to questions that were posed in the original reports. How should we go about putting together our critiques? To prepare a high-quality critique, you’ll need to do your own research on the topics/questions in the reports that you choose. Without this further research, you won’t be able to identify the critical insights and flaws in the reports. Your critiques should identify critical insights and flaws and shouldn’t be a laundry list of issues that range from critical to mundane. You will be evaluated on your ability to focus on the 2-4 critical insights and 2-4 critical flaws you identify for each report that you critique. How long should they be? As you might expect, I can’t tell you exactly how long each critique should be. But to be clear, a 1- 2 page critique of a report that focuses on the most important insights and flaws is much better than a 6-7 page critique that includes a long list of relatively insignificant issues with the report. Focus on quality, not quantity (length) as you put your critiques together.


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