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Write an account of your work-related (team leader)  goals and identify strategi

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Social Sciences : Social Sciences | 0 comments


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Write an account of your work-related (team leader)  goals and identify strategies by which you can achieve them.  You may write in the first person and use sub-heading for this assessment. You are advised to use the reflection and goal planning techniques that have been discussed in the module, as well as drawing on relevant career planning resources, such as those on the Bucks Careers website.
Your Action Plan should include the following:
•    Identification of work-related goals and strategies by which to achieve them.
•    Reflection on personal strengths and how to enhance these
•    Reflection on personal weaknesses and how to address these
•    Conclusion that summarises your action plan
LO 1    Plan effectively for personal and professional development in a work-related context (work place: team leader)


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