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You will present your PR audit findings, your conclusions regarding your finding

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Business and Management : Communication Studies | 0 comments


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You will present your PR audit findings, your conclusions regarding your findings, and 3-5 recommendations for the
organization’s next PR steps in a 5-7-minute PowerPoint.  You may include up to 1-minute total of
embedded video(s) such as ads, viral videos, news segments, social media clips, etc. This one minute does NOT count
toward your time requirements. Your conclusions and recommendations must be supported with properly cited
concepts from the course text. You must cite the content of your PR findings as well.
Presentations will be stand-alone files. That means you will not accompany your presentation
(outside of the file you submit) or need to schedule a specific time to “present”. Viewers should
get your full intended experience by simply opening and viewing/playing your presentation file.


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