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You will write 4 pages of paper which will include an analysis of the social pro

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Social Sciences : Sociology | 0 comments


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You will write 4 pages of paper which will include an analysis of the social problem addressed by the service you were involved. The paper should identify the Social Problem, Causes, and Solutions( I Chose The Jewish Family Service Online, sending letters to holocaust survivors And Color Pictures). You will utilize your own CBL experience as a major source of information and reflect on that experience. In addition, you will conduct library research on the social problem.
Obtain any printed or online information and documentation about the program that is available. Ask your agency contact person for descriptive documents and reports. They may not generally distribute such documents but likely will share them with you if you ask. These documents will give an understanding of the background of the service and social problem the agency is addressing Keep a journal in which you jot down your observations, experiences, reactions, etc. for your involvement. Do your writing as soon as possible after the experience you find significant, so you have a clear memory. You want to consider the kinds of people being helped, how the service is delivered, successes and problems with the service, and reactions to it. Your final paper will focus on the social problem and a critique of solutions for the problem being addressed by the organization . Sociological concepts, framework, and perspectives should be explicitly used for analyzing the social problem and solutions. Citations must be used from the course materials as well as other scholarly resources (books and academic journal articles). You are required to use minimum 2 resources, in addition to our textbook (total 3).
What is the social problem that relates to the social service provided by your agency/organization? What is the history or background of the social problem? What is the scope? Is it structural? Is it temporary? Cultural? Historically engraved? etc. What are the causes of the problem? What social factors (causes) are involved? Who says so? Research done on the topic? What are the effects or consequences of this problem (negative and positive)? What individuals, groups, organizations, social institutions are involved? What valuesbeliefsnorms, ideologiesand issues are involved? nalysis of Solutions to the Problem What is the agency/organization doing about the problem? What solution(s) are proposedwhich causes are addressed? Which are not? What solutions work? What additional problems do the solutions raise? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the services/solutions being offered? What is / a * re not addressed? Are there alternative views?
Summarize and take a personal position. What did you learn? What conclusion(s) can you draw about the problem? What do you think would be the best solution? Why? What changes would you suggest? Be sure to back up your conclusions with relevant research and data to support your viewYou should address scholarly articles, research papers, and our class materials explicitly in your discussion


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