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How is Developmental Psychology useful in Education?

by | Apr 30, 2022 | Other | 0 comments


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Essay title: How is Developmental Psychology useful in Education?
In answering this question you should consider 2 topics covered in this module:
The 2 topics that I have chosen from to talk about are self- esteem and social media. For the introductions give definition of the 2 terms which are self-esteem and social media brief couple of sentences to the area and then indication what your Acc going to talk about in the essay.
Then Write about first chosen question (self-esteem) critically evaluate that.
Then second question (social media) and critically evaluate that. You could relate both topics together if they integrate well with one another throughout aswell
The bring them together in the conclusion where you just summarise them
Remeber in the conclusion make sure that you don’t introduce any new information (nothing that hasn’t been mentioned in the previous parts of the essay conclusion is just drawing the points together.
You should read and reference journal articles and Developmental Psychology textbooks. You must identify ethical issues in your essay.
There is a 2,000 word limit for this assessment.
NOTE: always consider the module’s learning outcomes when preparing your assessment. These are listed in the table below:
Learning Outcome
1. Identify, explain and critique key theories and models relating to Developmental Psychology
2. Describe and critique research methods and measures used in Developmental Psychology research
3. Identify and critically evaluate research findings in an appropriate framework
Assessment Advice
The introduction should include your chosen topics and briefly outline the rest of the essay including any main theories that will be considered.
You can relate Psychology to Education by including studies conducted in early years settings or schools. The chosen topics can also be related to the Early Years Foundation Stage (Department for Education, 2017) if relevant.
Include recent studies (e.g. published in the last 10 years) in addition to relevant theories.
The conclusion paragraph should briefly summarise the main points from the essay and not bring in any new points or references.
Essays must be Times New Roman font size 12
Please use APA 7 referencing.
Some advise
• Spend some time searching for journal articles on the Library Gateway
• Read the journal articles
• Include relevant theories when you write your essay
• Include evaluation by considering strengths and limitations of studies and measures used
• Compare and contrast the studies
When writing about studies include:
• Background
• Sample size, design and measures
• Results
• Evaluation
Show wider reading:
• All of your claims/points/facts/arguments need to be backed-up with high quality evidence
• Write fluently in an academic style with an appropriate structure (e.g. introduction, good use of paragraphing / signposting, conclusion etc.) and accurate grammar and spelling
• Wherever possible, use a primary source rather than a secondary one
• Show that you have read something yourself, rather than relying on someone else’s interpretation
• Be as up-to-date as possible
• Older papers are not automatically invalid, but there may be more recent evidence to talk about
• Show that you can read and understand research, and then relay this in a clear and articulate way for your audience to understand
• Your critical points need to be fully-expanded and detailed, using other research if possible.
• Only use academic textbooks – these should be used for the background to the topic. Original research articles from peer-reviewed journals should be used for supporting evidence – preferably recent articles
• Don’t use websites such as Simply Psychology and Verywellmind
Synthesizing evidence
• Try to make a collective argument using a bank of papers
Relating psychology and education
You can do this by:
• Including studies in schools
• Including Early Years Foundation Stage or Development Matters in the EYFS
• Education policy
• Look for articles in Education / Psychology journals:
• Educational Psychology
• Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology
Development matters in EYFS
Which topics covered in the module relate to this section?
Which theories relate to this section?
The Code of human research ethics.


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