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Based on the attached brief you are required to do step 1 and 2: Step 1:  Under

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Based on the attached brief you are required to do step 1 and 2:
Step 1:  Understanding Background and Advertising campaign framework:
1.    Overview about the brand Marketing approach:
– Background
– The market, competitors….
– Positioning and segmentation approach.
– The marketing Mix.
2.    Context of the campaign: Corporate vs product campaign.
3.    Campaign objective(s): List 4 desired outcomes and strategies for success, including measurable results if possible.
4.    Audience: Who are we trying to reach with this campaign? Target audience includes (demographic-psychographic-Geographic-behavioral)
a.    Audience types -market segment description.
b.    Key motivations – What makes them act? What emotion can we connect with?
c.    Characteristics – Where do they access information? What types of media do they consume?
Step 2 : The creative approach:
5.    Key message: What is the key idea to be remembered?


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