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If you want to use the essay I provided for a couple of paragraphs you can use t

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If you want to use the essay I provided for a couple of paragraphs you can use them just copy my work and move them around and make it more specific to teachers recommendations and the outline templet.
If you don’t want to use some of the paragraphs I provided do your own!
8th page is the bibliography work cited page. (Follow instructions from pictures I sent)
– Must include 3 or 4 paragraphs of different historical cultures or Western traditions such as China as I mentioned in my short essay but needs to be explained more.
– MUST cite and have 1 or two paragraphs of the article by “de Saussure”
– I have a couple sources but you need a minimum of 4 peer reviewed academic sources.
– My sources so you can write more about and add them to the bibliography work cited page are:
– Xia, T., Qi, Z., Shi, J., Zhang, M., & Luo, W. (2018). The early facilitative and late contextual specific effect of the color red on attentional processing. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 12, 224.
– Simon, Elizabeth B., Ryan Hodges, and Kathy Schoonover-Shoffner. “Experiencing god in nursing.” Journal of Christian Nursing 37.2 (2020): 94-99.
– Monaghan, Monica, and Shiva Sreenivasan. “A red flag ECG.” Circulation 142.19 (2020): 1871-1874.
– Mirek, Sylwia. “The character of Satan in Neil Gaiman’s comic book series The Sandman and the television series Lucifer.” (2018).
– Textbook source for the article you need to use is: Saussure, Ferdinand. “Saussure: Place of Language in Human Facts: Semiology”.


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