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In this assignment please write a well-thought and organized 600-word document.

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In this assignment please write a well-thought and organized 600-word document. Your paper will not exceed 650 words. Your thoughts should use an organized paragraph structure, sentence structure with proper grammar and spelling – and follow MLA format. Format of paper: double-space, times new roman 12-pt, 1” margins on all sides, indent first line of each paragraph .5 inches, header that contains your last name and numbers all pages consecutively in upper right corner, no title page, upper left-corner of the first page list your name, your teacher’s name, the course, and the date. Center title. Write the title in Title Case. Type # of words in the footer section of your document Content of paper Introduce what you’re going to say Personally reflect on the video “Business Unusual Into a Decade of Possibility”. What did you learn from it? Were there one or two aspects of the video that you found interesting or more relevant to your life? Why or how? Did anything have an impact on you? Briefly summarize the your thoughts on how digital transformation has change how products are being marketed compared to pre-COVID. How have shopping behaviors changed in our current market compared to pre-COVID? Do you think this is a trend or is this new behavior here to stay? Summarize/conclude what you said and/or what you learned, you can include aspected from the Digital Marketing Playbook.pdf for ideas on digital marketing plans.
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