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The Dotcom bubble was said to burst in March 2000. I am providing you with the 1

by | May 14, 2022 | Business and Management : Business | 0 comments


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The Dotcom bubble was said to burst in March 2000. I am providing you with the 10K for Amazon for the year ended December 31, 2000. Amazon has a year-end of December 31st so the effects of the bubble had clearly burst by the time they issued their 2000 financial statements. In answering the questions below you can use any data and information you like, I am looking for you to be able to use the tools and techniques we went over in class to synthesize the vast amount of information available into well-thought-out conclusions.
Review the financial statements and any other data you deem appropriate regarding the internet  bubble bursting and answer the following questions:
What was the immediate and long-term impact of the internet bubble bursting on the financial statements, stock price, and overall public perception of Amazon?
Do you think the stock was overvalued before and after the bursting bubble in 2000?
What was the outlook of Amazon based on the financial statements and the company’s Management Discussion and Analysis of the 2000 10K?
What does an analytical review of the financial statements tell you about the future of Amazon from the perspective of an investor reading the 2000 10K in March 2001? An analytical review should include trend, common size, and ratio analyses
Would you invest in Amazon after 2000 10K was issued? Support your answer with your analyses as well as other opinions that date from the period.


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