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The research term paper counts for 20% of the course grade. Each student will ob

by | May 14, 2022 | Philosophy | 0 comments


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The research term paper counts for 20% of the course grade. Each student will obtain instructor approval for the topic [see below for approval materials and due date]. Each term paper will deal with issues related to personhood. Relevant philosophical material and empirical evidence will be integrated to form a reasoned argument in order to arrive at conclusions.
< ;Late papers will be penalized 5% per day. Each paper should be at least 10 typed, double-spaced pages in length. “Primary sources” must be used whenever possible. One of the standard citation methods should be used. For each paper, 20% of the grade will be based on writing quality (organization, clarity, grace of communication, grammar, spelling, and punctuation) and 80% will be based on content. < < A. ?Term Paper Organization < ;“Use” [meaning type into your paper] the following headings to structure your paper. < Title. The title should be descriptive and written in good English. < Abstract. The abstract is a summary of your paper limited to 250 words. < Relevant Issues. Clearly specify the relevant issues related to personhood. These may involve rights of persons, responsibilities of persons, obstacles and boosts related to personhood, policies and practices related to justice for persons and sustainability of the person. Explain enough background to make clear the nature of these issues and why they are important. If policies or practices are involved, include these. < Major Position or Argument. State the major position you wish to argue or defend with respect to the issues. Include a brief overview of background concepts and issues to be presented, as well as a brief outline of the argument to be developed and the evidence you will present. < Body of Paper. This is where you develop your argument. You need to make your points clearly and defend them effectively. Define crucial terms, principles, and values. Cite empirical research which backs up important claims that you make. Conclude with a summary of the points you have made. < Recommendations. Offer specific recommendations based on the arguments you developed in the body of the paper. Make sure that each recommendation is clearly tied to the material in the body of the paper. < ;Bibliography. Include the full reference for each source cited in the paper. Use one of the standard referencing styles. After each reference use the following code to indicate how you accessed it: online [OL], library [L]. < B. Using and Citing Appropriate Sources < Sources Provide Substance. A good paper must have substance. To support generalizations, there will be specific facts and figures. Statements of fact should have supporting evidence, unless what you say would be considered "common knowledge." When you write specific information into your paper you need to cite the source of it and include the full reference for this source in your bibliography. < Acceptable Sources. An acceptable paper at the upper division undergraduate level will use primary sources when possible, which are typically articles in periodicals, rather than using secondary sources, such as overview for general readers, books, or newspaper articles that, themselves, refer to the primary sources. Most of your assigned readings for this course are secondary sources. For example Wolman [2013] brings together useful information about the split brain, but is a secondary source. He gives his primary sources at the end of the article. Most, but not all, sources that come up in a Google search will be secondary sources. Many, but not all, sources immediately available online are secondary sources. You may need to order some of your articles through Interlibrary Loan. Check with the instructors when in doubt. < < Plagiarism. Adherence to the above standards is important in order to write a good paper and to avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism in connection with the term paper will result in a grade of F for the course and a insertion of a letter describing this act of academic dishonesty into the student's permanent file. When you get ideas from sources other than your own head, you need to cite the source to give credit for the idea, otherwise this is plagiarism. < 5 sources need to be used and cited <


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