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This assignment will assist students in the exploration and awareness of their p

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This assignment will assist students in the exploration and awareness of their personal (including ethnic and cultural), social, and professional identity development. Although your paper should begin with an exploration of your personal identity, please also focus more on your social identity. The assignment is also important for the creation of a context for learning about cultural diversity, humility, and sensitivity for practice with culturally diverse clients.
identify the different details of your social identity. Explore details (but include some critical personal reflection) about your ethnicity, race, age, education, socio-economic status, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. of you alongside your family/relatives/tribe, etc. You may also think of “language.” As you go about the assignment offering details of your social identity.
I am a Arab American 25 year old female. i am Muslim and come from a religious household. I go by her/she and married. i have my associates in pre education and social work and now i am working on my bachelors in social work


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