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For this Final students are required to write 2 to 3 pages EACH on any 2 quest

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For this Final students are required to write 2 to 3 pages EACH on any 2 questions they choose from the list below. (For Example: If you choose question 1 and 3, then question 1 must have a 2 – 3 page answer and question 3 must have have a 2 -3 page answer.)
1. With appropriate illustrations discuss the achievements of the Greeks in politics, philosophy, science, medicine and art during the classical period.
2. What seems to be the greatest achievements of the ancient Romans and what effects, if any, do they continue to have on the modern world?
3. Discuss the significance of the the Prophet Muhammad in the origin and growth of the Islamic religion.
4. Compare and contrast Christianity and Islam with specific reference to their origins, belief systems, spread and global impact.


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