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I. Discuss the relevance of entrepreneurship in our economy. 99.5% of our total

by | May 15, 2022 | Business Studies | 0 comments


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I. Discuss the relevance of entrepreneurship in our economy. 99.5% of our total business are Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. What can be done to develop this sector? Please give example.
< < II. How can an entrepreneur identify market opportunities and how it can be converted into action? There are challenges in entrepreneurship. How can you mitigate these challenges towards the development of the business? < < III. Discuss the following entrepreneurial strategies as applied in business: < a) Communication Strategy < b) Product Strategy < c) Pricing Strategy < d) Entrepreneur Distribution Strategy < e) Building Customer Relations Strategy < < IV. As an entrepreneur, how would you prepare the following plans to ensure success in your business? Discuss the connectivity of these plans to the overall strategic plan. < < a) Marketing Plan – P’s of Marketing < b) Organizational Plan < c) Financial Plan < d) Operations Plan < e) Human Resource Plan < < Tropical Hut the Pioneer Fast food Industry in the Philippines: A Case Study < < It started in 1962 when the Que family had the idea of putting up a coffee shop within the confines of their supermarket. With its place strategically located near supermarkets, it has been attracting families and friends for lunch or light snacks after grocery time. Tropical Hut is one of the oldest fast-food chains in the Philippines. It is a local fast-food chain that made the burger become popular. It was first established in Cubao in 1962. Filipinos love or food makes us fans of different cuisine. < < Hamburgers, a ready-to-eat comfort food introduced by the Americans, have undeniably become staple on Filipinos everyday food. From a variety of hamburgers, Tropical Hut also offers a spread of affordable rice meals, sandwiches, and desserts that will surely satisfy your everyday cravings. Tropical Hut managed to capture every Filipino’s taste buds through their affordable and delicious offerings. In 1965 Tropical Hut is reputedly the first hamburger choice in the Philippines. < < < 1. Look for the Problem < 2. State the facts < 3. Offer alternative courses of action < 4. Recommendation & action plans


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