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This study of a book “Traveling Light by Linda Pastan” is a 4 to 6 page, double-

by | May 15, 2022 | Philosophy : Critical Thinking | 0 comments


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This study of a book “Traveling Light by Linda Pastan” is a 4 to 6 page, double-spaced paper plus works cited page (worth 25% of final grade).  Focus your writing on how a Traveling Light by Linda Pastan, published within the last twenty years by an American poet, is organized in some symbolic way.  As with our first two essays, be sure to write a formal essay:  title/subtitle;  introduction establishing what book you are writing about and why you chose it – don’t skimp on this “why” question – think it out carefully and completely – it is the purpose of your writing and should run throughout the essay;  body or middle paragraphs that identify and discuss the structure and organization of the book as well as details of poems of major or pivotal importance to the book;  conclusion, connecting to your paper’s purpose, offers a view of the value of the book to contemporary literature / culture / views of America and the world today. Throughout the paper, be sure to keep a focus on symbolic aspects of the book  – here, as I explained in the forum for symbolism,  often the title of the book creates or alludes to some image or concept and guides the reader in some general way to a major theme or concern of the book.  Be sure to discuss this general, symbolic relation of the title to the book and to how the book unfolds or develops or has relevance to this symbolism.  Be sure, also, to discuss how symbolism functions in a few poems you select for their importance to the collection (for example, first poem in the book, middle poem and last poem – is there some progression or not as the book evolves?).  For more on what to write about, see my discussion of Stephen Dunn’s poetry in my posting in this module on symbolism in a book of poems. I prefer you write on the same book you posted on in Discussions for the whole book. This way your study of the book will deepen. I also ask you to offer some original writing – please do not just repeat your writing posted in Discussions. You may choose a new book for the critique if you want to for some reason – just make sure the poet is on the list in Pages.   


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