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write a research paper of 5-6 pages after developing your own original topic (re

by | May 15, 2022 | History | 0 comments


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write a research paper of 5-6 pages after developing your own original topic (related to the class on US History after 1865) and argument. Your paper should include at least three academic secondary sources (academic articles or monograph found in the library) that you've found on your own. You must cite using chicago style footnotes, 12 pt font, double space, Times, stapled, normal margins.

Guide on how to write a research paper:-


Tell me how white suffragists left Black women out. Why? How did Black women still work to advance voting rights? Develop a specific argument that answers one or all of these questions.


1)First paragraph:- INTRO and thesis statement

2) 3 main body paragraphs including evidences and facts ,cite from where you get the evidence, however do not use the wikipedia for any info or citing

3)Counter Argument( Explain opposing side and rebuke them at the end )

4) Conclusion

5) citing of the work

Consider VANGUARD BY MARTH JONES when writing about the struggles of black American women pre and post 19th amendment


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