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Please put each question separately and also please put the right references wit

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Please put each question separately and also please put the right references with the right questions and also to please number them. 1 DB: Pitfalls As you prepare to submit your rough draft, what are three key points you hope to improve upon before you submit your draft. Essentially, what are your three weakest areas so far in the writing process and how are you going to improve them over this week? In response to your peers, offer what growth areas and strengths you share with your classmates as well as any strategies that you have used to address potential issues. 2 DB: Components Select one area from the list below which you believe you need to improve upon in your work before submitting it for grading. Offer a source that you found to be helpful in this process. Abstract (page 2) Introduction (starts on page 3) Includes a general, overall presentation of the topic at hand, addressing the topics that will be discussed in the body. Includes a thesis statement (may include a research question). Body The number of paragraphs in the body will vary, depending on the number of topics/points you address. Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that introduces the subject matter to be discussed. *This sentence should NOT be a direct quote from a source. Then you should include 2-3 support sentences that directly relate to the topic sentence. Each paragraph should end with a transition sentence that connects to the next paragraph. Use source material in each paragraph to support your writing. Using APA style citations in summarizing, paraphrasing, and using direct quotes. Direct quotes should be limited to 2-3 in this paper. Students should practice putting information into their own words for the most part (paraphrasing). Conclusion Should be about 1-2 pages and should offer a summary of the important findings of the research including future research/next steps in the process Reference List at least 5 scholarly sources in APA style (journals and books only-no URLs or websites). In response to your peers, offer suggestions, helpful hints, or sources that you found useful in working on each of these components of the writing process.

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