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3-page paper (not counting cover and references). To demonstrate an in-depth ref

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3-page paper (not counting cover and references). To demonstrate an in-depth reflection on, and personalization of, the theories, concepts, and/or strategies presented in the course materials to date. Viewpoints and interpretations that are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed examples as applicable. Demonstrates an open, non-defensive ability to self-appraise, discussing both growth and frustrations as they related to learning in class, as well as implications for future learning. Include introduction and body and conclusion supporting your ideas and views along with evidentiary support. Show thoughtfully selected aspects of experiences related to the course topics. Make clear connections between what is learned readings, outside experiences and the topics. The reflection is an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the derived learning to self or others, and the enhancement of the student’s appreciation for the discipline. Demonstrate further analysis and insight resulting from what you have learned from readings, including reference to at least two readings other than those assigned for class. Synthesize, analyze, and evaluate thoughtfully selected aspects of ideas or issues from the class discussion as they relate to the course learning outcomes and the BSN essentials outcome found on the course N4337 syllabus. Follow the grading rubric (left column). APA style and format. Article references with citations as appropriate. COURSE LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students will be afforded the opportunity to: Analyze the opioid prevalence and abuse crisis in America. Domains: 1,2,3,4 Evaluate the environmental factors contributing to opioid abuse and resulting healthcare management. Domains: 2,3,4,9,10 Synthesize recognition of the signs and symptoms of opioid addiction or exposure across the lifespan into a nursing philosophy, nursing science framework, and then into the four metaparadigms of person, environment, health, and nursing. Domains: 1,2,3,6,7 4. Evaluate the nursing strategies to help ensure the safety and high quality care of those Opioid addicted. Domains: 1,2,3,4,5,6.7,8 Generate the impact of the pathophysiological role of endorphins and dopamine in the body on opioid use and misuse to formulate effective nursing strategies in a healthcare setting. Domains: 1,4,6,8 Compare and contrast the role of opioid treatment for short term and chronic pain relief based on evidence-based practice. Domains: 1,3,7,10 Differentiate presence of opioid overuse, overwhelming desire for opioids, and withdrawal symptoms without continued opioid use, tolerance to opioids, and danger of overdose to maintain a safe healthcare environment with emphasis on utilizing quality improvement. Domains: 1,2,5,6 Participate in analyzing the sociopolitical process that affects Nursing Practice and healthcare management. Domains: 1,2,5,2,6

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