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Imagine that you are part of a team of fifth grade teachers and you have been ta

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Imagine that you are part of a team of fifth grade teachers and you have been tasked with designing a one-day lesson plan on one to two poems from Inside Out and Back Again, and your instructions for the activity should be clear so any member of your teaching team can follow it. Your lesson plan needs to engage fifth grade students and help them learn how to understand and interpret poetry, but you may also choose to connect your lesson with another theme like immigration, the Vietnam War, or family traditions or an element of poetry like metaphor, simile, or repetition. Your lesson should take no less than forty-five minutes and no more than two hours for students to complete and should include an engaging activity in which students write, present, play a game, or create something. Some suggested activities are for students to write a response poem, to write a paragraph about the poem, to present an interpretation of a metaphor, to discuss the denotation and connotation of a word in the poem to the class, or to play an educational game you designed about this poem. You will create an example of the activity and include it in your lesson plan. Use the lesson plan template provided here to craft your lesson. The writing in all capital letters in Italics will be replaced by your content: Inside Out and Back Again Lesson_STUDENT NAME.docx Click for more options One great place for inspiration as you start your project is the Common Core standards, which will give you a sense of what students in fifth grade should be able to accomplish: link: and You may complete this task using only Inside Out and Back Again and your imagination, but if you do use additional resources remember to cite all sources using parenthetical citation and giving a bibliography at the end of your lesson plan APA format After posting Respond to two classmates’ projects. Example Lesson Plans This example lesson plan combines literature and science instruction, which is a bit different than what you are doing in your lesson plan, but it will serve as a good model for how to plan and organize a lesson plan. This example lesson plan focuses on Immigration as its theme and is designed for grades k-2 Poetry and Pedagogy Rubric

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