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For this assignment, you will choose a disorder that we do not thoroughly cover

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For this assignment, you will choose a disorder that we do not thoroughly cover in class and write an integrative paper that addresses the following points (in any particular order): CANNOT be any of the following mental disorders: ocd, schizofrenia, BPD, anxiety, trauma/stress, somatic system disorder, dissociative disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, suicide, neurocognitive/sleep disorders, Sexual Dysfunctions, Gender Dysphoria, and Paraphilic Disorders, personality disorders. These are all the ones we have covered in class so you can pick any mental disorder that is NOT one of the ones listed above. A potential topic could be obsessive nail biting disorder as I personally struggle with this so you can pretend you are me and talk about my “personal experience” with this. Identify the disorder and its symptoms (including DSM-5 criteria) Discuss how the symptoms of the disorder impair someones’s functioning Prevalence, Gender Differences, Age of Onset, etc. Etiology, including any relevant historical perspectives on the disorder Treatment Cultural Considerations Examples of how it is portrayed in the media, popular culture, etc. Any other information you determine to be relevant To receive full credit, your paper must be four-to-five pages in length and formatted in APA style. This includes font, margins, spacing, capitalization, indentation, page numbers, headers, citations, references, and properly removing the extra space between paragraphs inserted by Microsoft Word and other programs. Please refer to the APA – 7th Edition manual for more information. Papers should include at least four-to-five pages of content, which does not include title or reference pages. You do not need an abstract for this assignment.

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