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Purpose Awareness of one’s physical and social environment are essential skills

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


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Purpose Awareness of one’s physical and social environment are essential skills for developing greater awareness of self and others. It is also a key source of new ideas which you may use to develop a product or service that meets humankind’s needs. At the very least the ability to keenly observe, empathize with, and understand others will enable you to get along well with people. At the end of this exercise you will discern the steps people take when having and experience and gain some understanding of what they might see, hear, think, and feel at each step. Activity Directions For this exercise please do the following: Step 1: Select a place where people conduct an activity that interests you ex: working out at a gym, shopping, exercising the dog at a dog park. Ideally that place should at least be moderately busy. Bring a notebook or other means of taking notes. Step 2: Take notes on the following. What does the physical setting look like? What does the social environment look like and how do people interact within that setting? As you do this, include interaction patterns, frequency of interactions, verbal and non-verbal communication patterns. Describe the steps people take as they have the experience ex: find parking, interact with staff, sit at a table and drink coffee etc. Pay close attention to this and take notes because you will use the material in a future assignment. Describe, as best you can, what the observee’s may have might seen, heard, thought, and felt. Step 3: In a minimum of 800 double spaced words write a narrative of your experience using the yellow highlighted text as section headings. Venue and Overview – in this section briefly state the following: 1. The place where you made the observations, the day of the week, and time of day. 2. The number of people you observed and their approximate age and gender. Their Story – Build a story of their experience by doing the following: 1. Review your notes on the steps people took as they had the experience and list the important steps ex: talking to a service rep, getting the product, loading the product into their vehicle. 2. Take the perspective of that person and state what you believe they see, hear, think, and feel at each important step. 3. Write a short narrative using what you believe they saw heard, thought, and felt at each. step. Personality Types – for this section review the story you created and build a persona using this Persona Tool: *I know it says 800 words but I only need to you to do 3 pages and I can fill in some fluff for the rest*

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