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Reaction Assignments (100 points each; 200 points): Students will complete 2 wri

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Reaction Assignments (100 points each; 200 points): Students will complete 2 written, 500-word (approximately 2-page, MLA style) assignments over the course of the term. For these assignments, students will pick one question out of several that will be posted on Canvas concerning the texts and films we will read/view. These assignments are due on a rolling basis. For example, the first Reaction Assignment is due at the latest at the end of week 3, but students may, and are encouraged to, submit the assignment at any time when they have completed it. The student’s goal in writing these papers is to take their personal reaction to an assigned reading and deepen it by doing a close reading of a text – that is, by closely examining the words, language, and/or visual imagery used in a given text or film. For these assignments, students will pick one of the questions that I have posted on Canvas to which they will respond critically, bringing to bear their personal interactions as well as previous course discussions to demonstrate how the text constructs/approaches the notions in the question. This is NOT a research paper; students must write about readings or films from this class. Each reaction will be submitted to Canvas as a 500-word, double-spaced and typed Word document (no other document format will be accepted). Well-argued perspectives, familiarity with the readings, concise writing style, and proofread papers are expected. Your focus will depend on the question asked, but ideas that may help you to formulate your response include: • Major Claims: What is/are the major claim(s) set forth by the author regarding love/sexuality/gender to which you are responding? A claim is the basic argument of a writer, which is then proven over the course of the text or portion of text. Rather than trying to detail every nuance of a writer’s claim, narrow your choice down to one specific or overarching claim that can be summarized in one or two sentences.Significance/Impact: What do you think is theoretically significant about these claims? In other words, how do these claims impact France or notions of gender/sexuality? How do they engage with/extend/counter ideas we’ve been discussing in class? How might they pertain to your own specific field(s) of study? • Important Concepts: In your opinion, what is an important/interesting concept or idea introduced in the reading? How would you summarize or define these using your own words? • Notable Quotation: What was the most interesting, enlightening, provocative, or possibly “wrong” quotation/scene in this reading/film and why? Write down the exact quotation (with a page number reference, if available) as well as a brief response to explain what you thought about it. • Synthesis: Develop a conclusion about what you now know about the day’s assignment and set this into dialogue with the rest of the readings/films we’ve discussed in class. Has this undermined/bolstered/called into question another work? • Expansion: What questions does this work raise for you? How has it clarified, complicated, or challenged your understanding of the topic? Use that a guide to answer the question in the title. This is not a research paper no sources are needed besides the text provided.

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