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SEE ATTACHED FORM AS WELL Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to develop obj

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SEE ATTACHED FORM AS WELL Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to develop objectives for your practicum based on the setting you selected and learning experiences you would like during your clinical time. The assignment is worth 100 points. Please refer to the Course Calendar for the due date. Instructions: Prior to working in the with your preceptor, each student will develop his/her individualized objectives based on the course objectives (program outcomes) and learning experiences for that specific clinical setting. Faculty will conduct a workshop the first week to help you with this assignment. The objectives must be approved by faculty and shared with your assigned preceptor prior to beginning your clinical practice. The following guidelines may assist you in writing the objectives: Objectives are based on the overall course objectives (page 2) and are to be grouped accordingly. You will write individual objectives that you would like to accomplish under each one of the main course objectives. For example, if you need to enhance your psychomotor skills, write the specific skills you would like to perform, etc. under objective Also include objectives that are related to your specific project. Begin the clinical objectives at the top of the page with an overall phrase such as “Upon completion of NUR 551 Practicum experience, the student will complete the following objectives as evidenced by documentation in logs, evaluations, and feedback from preceptor and faculty:” This will avoid repeating this phrase with each objective . The written objectives must communicate the intent of the learning experience as well as tell how the learning outcomes are to be measured. Objectives have three characteristics: Performance – what a learner is expected to do. The objective must begin with an appropriate behavioral verb and describe the activity using one of the three domains of learning – cognitive, affective or psychomotor. Conditions – conditions (if any) under which the performance is to occur (time frame). Criterion – acceptable performance by describing how well the learner must perform in order to be considered acceptable. For example, “as evidenced by four article reviews”. Be sure to include all activities in your objectives. For example, you may want to include the continuing education requirement under the overall objective for professional development and journal articles under research objective, etc.

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