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Case study report Weighting: 55% Format: 3000-word written report (+10%) Summary

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Case study report Weighting: 55% Format: 3000-word written report (+10%) Summary Your final assessment task is designed to apply your knowledge of key strategic human resource management (SHRM) concepts and theories to design an evidence-based strategic initiative that will improve SHRM policies and practices at the case study organisation. Referencing is Australian Harvard (AGPS) Learning outcomes 1. Demonstrate advanced understanding of strategic human resource management theory and its application in practice. (SLO1). 2. Critically evaluate, and recommend improvements to existing human resource management strategies. (SLO2). 3. Identify and evaluate different perspectives and contemporary trends and their impact on strategic HRM. (SLO3). 4. Design and effectively communicate an evidence based human resource management initiative with consideration to ethical concerns. (SLO4). Procedure Read the case study (attached): Gusdorf, ML 2011, PAC Resources,Inc: A case study in HR practices, London, SAGE Publications, You are required to research and write a report that provides the following information: Introduction: (250-400 words) o Brief overview of the case study o Briefly outline the impact Human Resource Management strategy has on the overall functioning and success of the organisation. Analysis and Findings: respond to the following (use headings and subheadings) o Conduct a PESTL (Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal) analysis of the key factors affecting the case study organisation’s people management strategy. Present your PESTL and the key relevant points as a table*. o Based on your PESTL, identify, analyse and discuss the key Human Resource issues in the case study (600-700 words). o Critically evaluate the policies and practices at the case study organisation, using Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) concepts and theories, multiple perspectives and contemporary trends (600-800 words). Recommendations: o Design an evidence-based SHRM strategic initiative to resolve identified issues (600-800 words). o Justify how your proposed strategic initiative will benefit the case study organisation based on your critical evaluation (400-500 words). Conclusion: o Discuss ethical concerns in the proposed way forward (300 words). o Conclusion (150 words). For ease of structuring your report, you can use the SHRM Capstone Assessment report template provided. Requirements Note: All written assessments should be submitted as Word files (.docx) The required word length for this assessment is 3000 words (plus or minus 10% tolerance) You are required to follow the standard report format in terms of structure, presentation and style. The list of references is not included in the word count. You need to acknowledge sources of facts appropriately. Use a minimum of ten (10) academic references to support your arguments. You need to use credible sources such as journal articles, textbooks, government and/or industry reports, online business magazine or newspaper articles, business-related opinion pieces, company websites and so on. Any source that you use for this assignment should no longer be more than ten (10) years old unless it’s a seminal work. Your grade will be adversely affected if your response does not acknowledge the sources of information, you have used The introduction page, executive summary, table of contents, reference list and appendix does not include in the word count. Grading criteria and feedback Your assessment will be marked according to the following grading criteria: Criterion 1: 10% o Brief overview of case study o Outline the impact of SHRM to functioning and success in the case study organisation Criterion 2: 15% o Using relevant HRM concepts and theories, critically evaluate the existing policies and practices in the case study organisation Criterion 3: 15% o PESTL analysis o Identify and discuss the key HRM issues, arising from analysis Criterion 4: 25% o Design a SHRM initiative. Criterion 5: 25% o Discuss initiative implementation o Initiative is justified and clearly connected to organisational strategy o Outline recommendations and justify a final course of action ? Criterion 6: 5% o Citing and referencing, including paraphrasing ? Criterion 7: 5% o Structure, communication style and language

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